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About Hugo

About Hugo

Hugo came into our life very unplanned. Kristof said to Christiane (his breeder) one time: "When I'm old, I will get myself a Dachshund!" In August 2019 we visited Christiane in her hometown Alfen just driving back from our holidays in Sweden. Coincidentally she had Dachshund puppies at that moment and one of them was bustling around all the time. And when we drove home, this puppy lay sleeping in Julia's lap. The start with Hugo was a kind of getting used to - a Dachshund is not a "dog" - but with time everything turned out fine. Hugo has inherited the funny character of his mother Rosi. As Julia's cuddle dog and Kristof's hunting companion he is indispensable!

  • Health

    RD/PRA/HC: free (June 2020)
    Bite: full scissors
    Tail: correct
    DNA-Profile: registered
    Merle-Gen carrier: no
    Brown colour carrier: no

  • Show

    Hugo is more the working type of a Dachshund. We show him occasionally and are happy with the results so far.

  • Work

    At one year old, Hugo already had three tests (ESw, WaT und Sp). He loves to swim. Hugo retrieves as well, but it is not his favourite work, he excels in tracking.

  • Offspring

    Conformation: Excellent
    Chest circumference: 45cm (22.08.2021), 46cm (11.09.2022)

    Breeding licence: DTK 1888 e.V.