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IntCh Whispering Wind Flying Flapjack “Jack”
(IntCh Amykos umbra fida x MultiCh Miss Mallorys One Way To Whisper FTW)


D.o.B.: 23.03.2009
D.o.D.: 07.01.2019 (cardiac arrest, caused by a tumor n the heart)
Hips: A1
Elbows: 0/0
Patella: 0/0
OCD: free
Eyes: clear (November 2012)
Gonioscopy: undetermined (short trabeculae)
Heart: clear
Thyroid: clear
Colour: liver (bbEE; carries only liver, no yellow)
DNA-profile: registered DRC-F 09-3278
Breeder: A. Blase & B. Pfeifer, Kennel "Whispering Wind"
Owner: J. & K. Jebsen

Breed Standard Qualification Certificate: Excellent
"a tall dog (62cm), excellently built up, masculine head, midbrown-coloured eyes, very expressive, long neck, excellent topline and underline, very good angulations, room-taking movement, good coat and temperament."

Frozen semen is available on limited basis, only for approved bitches.



Ortenau Junior Winner 2010
Saarland Junior Winner 2010
German Junior Champion (VDH)
German Junior Champion (DRC)
VDH-Junior Winner Leipzig 2010
Luxembourg Champion
German Champion VDH
International Champion with Working Certificate (C.I.B.)
International Champion (C.I.E.)
German Champion DRC with Working Certificate
Swiss Champion
Austrian Champion
Spring-time Veteran Winner 2017
Palatin-Veteran-Winner 2017
German Veteran Champion VDH
German Veteran Champion DRC

German Veteran Winner 2017
Swiss Veteran Champion*
Annual Trophy Veteran Winner 2018

Lifetime qualified for Crufts

Whispering Wind Show Award Winner 2010 + 2011

13x CAC (VDH), 8x CAC (DRC), 2x neutral CAC, 7x Res. CAC (VDH), 5x Res. CAC (DRC)
4x JCAC (VDH), 2x JCAC (DRC), 5x Res. JCAC (VDH), 3x Res. JCAC (DRC)
2x BOB, 1x BOS, 1x Res. CACIB, 1x Best Gundog of Breed
8x Vet. CAC (VDH), 5x Vet. CAC (DRC), 1x Res. Vet. CAC (DRC), 1x Res. Vet. CAC (DRC), 3x Best Veteran of Breed, 2x Best Veteran in Show (FCR-Trophy 2017, DRC Clushow 2018)

6x CAC, 2x Res. CAC, 1x CACIB, 2x Best Gundog of Breed, 2x Res. BIS Gundog,
3x Vet. CAC, 3x Best Veteran of Breed, 1x Best Veteran in Show


1x BOS, 3x BOB, 2x CACIB, 1x BIG-2

4x CACA, 4x Res. CACA, 1x BIS Gundog

1x Res. CAC

1x Res. CACIB

1x Res. CACIB, WDS 2015 Exc

1x CK, 1x bhkl4

1x Res (Crufts 2013), 1x HC and 1x Res (FCRS Show 2015)

For a full list of Jack’s show results click here.



BHP/A (Good Citizen Dog)
APD/A (Dummy-Test Novice)
several Workingtests (Novice, Intermediate, Open, Veteran)
JP/R (3rd place, Junior Hunting Test for Retrievers)
800m-trail (small game)
Epreuve B (Qualification for Field Trials)
JEPs (Hunting Abiltity Test with 400m blood-track)
BLP/R (4th place, Retriever Award of Merit)
FCI Working Certificate
Cold Game Test (class C, 1st place)
VPS + fox + living duck (2nd place, Hunting test for German gundogs)
RGP + fox (1st place, CACT, Retriever hunting test)
Cold Game Test (class B, 2nd place, RCACT)
Retrieving Constancy Test with fox

qualified for the Austrian Workingtest Finals 2012
qualified for the German Workingstest Finals 2012
Participation German Cup 2014

Whispering Wind Work Award Winner 2012

Winner WT Schäufele Cup 2010 (Snoopy)
Winner WT Work&Show Rottweil 2010 (Novice)
Winner WT Combrimont 2011 (Novice)
3rd place overall standings "Work&Show Burg Clam ÖRC" 2011 (Novice)
"Most stylish dog" Award WT RTT Lohmar 2011 (Novice)
1st place teamworkingtest Flatcoatmeeting South-Germany 2011 (Novice)
1st place teamworkingtest Taubertal Cup 2012 (Intermediate)
Winner Cold Game Test Bad Zurzach 2012 (class C)
Winner WT Combrimont 2012 (Intermediate)
2nd place & "Judges Choice”"WT ÖRC Clubshow Schloss Aigen 2012 (Intermediate)
2nd place overall standings "Work&Show Schloss Aigen ÖRC" 2012 (Intermediate)
4th place WT Work&Show Aichach 2012 (Intermediate)
5th place overall standings "Work&Show Aichach" 2013 (Open)
2nd place with RCACT Cold Game Test S-chanf 2013 (class B)
3rd place overall standings "Work&Show Schloss Grafenegg ÖRC" 2014 (Open)
3rd place Scurry Long Retrieve CLA Game Fair 2014
2nd place overall standings "Work&Show Schloss Rotenturm ÖRC" 2015 (Open)
1st place overall standings "Work&Show Schloss Mageregg ÖRC" 2016 (Open)
Winner WT FCR Trophy 2016 (Open)
1st place overall standings "FCR Tropy Lindewerra" 2016 (Open)
2nd place DRC Veterancup 2017
2nd place WT FCR Tropy 2017
2nd place overall standings "FCR Trophy Harburg" 2017
2nd place overall standings "FCR Trophy Klaukenhof" 2018

Jack is used for picking up and hunting on small game.

For a full list of Jack’s work results click here.



Jack mated "Asta cerná slunická" on April 26th 2014. Asta was confirmed pregnant and gave birth to 8 puppies (4 black dogs, 3 liver dogs, 1 liver bitch) in the night from 27th/28th June 2014. They found dedicated owners and are spreaded all over the Czech Republic.

Jack mated "Femme Fatale de la Source aux Elfes" on January 22nd/23rd 2015. Feé was confirmed pregnant and gave birth to 10 puppies (6 liver dogs, 4 liver bitches) on March 23rd 2015.

On March 24th 2015 the bitch "O'Flanagan Rakar i Klistret" was inseminated with Jack's fresh semen. Unfortunately there were no puppies seen on the ultrasound on April 21st. We believe we got not the right time-point (But we can't really tell, because we had no progesteron quantity-test! We were on holidays and the vet there could only do the colour test, which showed that the bitch was not yet ready, also her behaviour showed it. Because the owners could not stay longer, we decided to make an insemination and hoped the best...) We tried this mating again on September 23rd 2015, this time with fresh shipped semen. But the ultrasound in October did not show any puppies. To my believe, the chosen timepoint by the Slovenian vet was too early, the bitch was inseminated with a progesterone value of 4,55ng/ml the day before insemination.

Jack mated "Femme Fatale de la Source aux Elfes" on February 2nd/4th 2017. We agreed to this repeat mating, because the puppies from their first litter had no health issues reported, have all sound temperaments and fit into their families very well and also because of the top work and show results from those who are trained and shown. On February 24th Fée was confirmed pregnant and gave birth to 8 puppies (1 black dog, 3 liver dogs, 1 liver bitch and 3 black bitches) in the night from 6th/7th April.

On 12./13.06.2017 Jack mated the bitch "Beautyfield's Balmain". This was an "only liver"-litter. Svea was confirmed in whelp on July 12th and gave birth to 7 dogs and 3 bitches on August 13th, 2017.

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